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HCL Technologies – Transformational global leadership across four decades

HCL Technologies is one of the world’s largest global technology companies that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. With a network of 150,000 employees across 49 countries and a world-renowned management philosophy, HCL provides the next generation of innovative solutions to more than half of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Ideapreneurship™ - HCL’s distinctive and defining organizational culture

A ‘culture of ideation’ is one which nurtures the active sharing and propagation of ideas in a democratic ambience. When integrated seamlessly into an organization’s overall corporate culture, comprehensive growth is enabled.

At HCL, this organic amalgamation has given life to its own distinctive and defining culture – Ideapreneurship™.

HCL’s ideapreneurship™ culture comes from the company’s belief in inverting the
organizational pyramid and engaging, enabling and empowering the front line.

Ideapreneurs - Placing employees at the forefront of innovation

This ideapreneurship culture puts employees at the forefront of innovation where they innovate and collaborate together alongside customers to seed, nurture and harvest ideas.

HCL’s ‘culture of ideation’ has not only enabled the company to empower employees and customers but also make its mark as a socially responsible business with a focus on large-scale high-impact transformational initiatives.

HCL refers to their employees as ideapreneurs and nurtures them in a vibrant culture where they are encouraged to rise up to the challenge of being idea-led intrapreneurs thereby enhancing their capabiliities to transform the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Learning and Development to brings every idea to life

HCL’s employee-empowering programs are reflective of their commitment to a democratic workplace and ideapreneurship-culture. These multi-faceted programs address the learning and development needs of a diverse employee base across various stages of their careers.

While helping them strategically focus on the present, the programs empower them to be future-ready for a digital tomorrow.

While programs like Global Business Skills (GBS) are tuned to honing the skills of the
next-generation of ideapreneurs, leadership-focused programs in action, transition and acceleration mode prepare the next-generation of leaders who are ready to take on the evolving business landscape. ASCEND’ for leaders and ‘Stepping Stones’ for managers are examples of HCL’s women-centric programs.

HCL Sri Lanka : Island of Ideapreneurs

HCL has brought all of this and more to Sri Lanka. Beginning business operations in Colombo from March 2020, the company has taken the first step in establishing Sri Lanka as the global delivery destination of choice for Fortune 500 companies.

Courage, Collaboration and Care are the key values on which HCL Sri Lanka is focused on and the company is keen to recruit and work with the next generation of IT enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. With an eye on the bigger picture, which is the larger eco-system, HCL is looking for those who have the courage to dream big, can collaborate to find solutions and expand their sense of care to the environment.

Over the next 18 months, there is a strategic focus to create 1500+ jobs in Sri Lanka for both freshers and experienced professionals.

Collaborating with ESOFT for training and hiring

HCL Sri Lanka and ESOFT have designed a fee-based training and hiring program for students who have completed their A-levels or pursuing their Higher National Diploma (HND). At the end of the 12-month training and hiring program, the student will secure an entry-level Software Engineer or IT Analyst position at HCL Sri Lanka. These students may continue to pursue their undergraduate education while working at HCL.

Are you looking to bring your ideas to life in a work environment that encourages courage, promotes collaboration and nurtures care? Are you looking to be one of the first movers in HCL’s Island of Ideapreneurs? HCL Sri Lanka is the right place for you!

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Glad to have you at HCL Tech Sri Lanka
Glad to have you at HCL Tech Sri Lanka