The need for business continuity and disaster recovery plans

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

In the wake of COVID-19, market leaders are under tremendous pressure to ensure the smooth running of their business. Many organizations are on the verge of breaking down just because they did not have a proper business continuity plan in place.

In the most effective business continuity management plan, it is imperative to have a proper collaboration between each business layer during the planning phase. There should be a clear understanding of the scope, the key business areas, dependency mappings of various business units, and acceptable downtime for critical functions while creating a business continuity plan.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (HCL BCP/DR) solution suite is designed to facilitate operational continuity, industry specific regulatory compliance, enhanced system availability, and integrated IT risk management.

HCL BCP/DR delivers both proactive and event-driven solutions to meet recovery time and point objectives. Our consulting framework comprises green field implementation, assessment, and review across the different stages of the BCP lifecycle. It also outlines a robust business continuity plan.

The delivery methodology includes analysis & review (the first two phases), design & implementation (the next two phases), and sustenance & support (the final phase).

Our business continuity services comprise:

At HCL, we leverage the core expertise of solution partners and technology partners to help organizations deploy an effective and efficient business continuity plan. Additionally, our BCP/DR offers end-to-end risk assessment and business continuity management services.

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