The relevance of digital skills in the COVID-19 era

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

An organization’s success in the new normal will largely depend on the extent to which it reskills its workforce. For an employee, what does it take to learn new skills to stay relevant today?

According to Sundar Rajan: it is a winning mind-set to address the threat of becoming obsolete head-on and an omnipresent human quest to stay relevant.

Employees will need to recognize the challenge in entirety, focus on learning, unlearning and relearning so that they remain up-to-date by continuously upgrading their skills. Here are some tips from Sundar on how to learn new skills to stay relevant:

The world of next gen enterprise will belong to those who seek to venture away from their comfort zones, throw themselves into learning new things and technologies that create value to all stakeholders involved.

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