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By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

For more than 40 years, HCL has been at the forefront of employing and empowering women. We have consistently and consciously furthered this cause through various initiatives, as well as creating a larger social environment that facilitates gender-equal workspaces.

As a future oriented organisation and corporate citizen, HCL aims to be at the forefront of encouraging diversity. HCL’s wide-ranging women’s initiatives include an impressive range of support programs, peer mentoring, coaching, transformational leadership learning and development platforms.

  • Ascend caters to developing women leaders of tomorrow at HCL through a comprehensive peer coaching and consultancy model. It is designed to address their career aspirations through a self-sourced area of interest pertaining to new technologies/domains.
  • Stepping Stones is a focused career development program to enable mid-level female employees to realise their career aspirations and potential and help them in their developmental journey. It focuses on coaching women who are new mothers and require help to manage the new expectations at work and home.
  • Feminspiration is a platform facilitated by the HCL Women Connect Affinity Network in which successful women leaders are invited to address employees and provide insights into successful leadership as well as understand perspectives on gender matters.
  • SheInspires captures the life stories of women who have blazed a trail in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields to inspire the next generation of women leaders to choose an education/career in these fields.
  • Red Ladder celebrates, advocates, and fosters women’s leadership. The program identifies and recognizes top-performing and high-potential women leaders and uses them as role models for other aspiring women — and men — in STEM fields. The initiative was a winner of Stevie’s Award for Women in Business 2017, in the category of “Women Helping Women.”
  • Women Lead in Australia and the Nordics empowers capable women leaders from HCL's stakeholders such as clients and partners through mentorship. The unique design leverages a network of industry leaders mentoring aspiring senior women executives to guide and support them as they drive to reach the top of the corporate ladder.
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