Embracing digital dexterity

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

In these times of rapid development of digital technology, a plethora of advanced tools are finding their way into our workplace as a part of digital transformations. Developing a workforce that will be digitally dexterous is essential for digital businesses to thrive in the current business landscape.

Digital dexterity is regarded as a transformational capability that is applicable across the whole organization of different industries. It defines the critical “people” component that enables digital businesses to thrive.

Organizations looking to achieve a high level of digital dexterity need employees with the cognitive and social ability to leverage new competencies, data, and technology in innovative ways.

The leadership needs to embrace the positive correlation between technology growth, the future of work and employee engagement to fuel digital dexterity investments. The employees who will accept how the business is evolving, thereby wanting to develop greater digital skills in that vein, will be instrumental in driving your organization forward.

3 ways for companies to embrace digital dexterity