reimagine your career with hcl
Experienced professionals for crucial roles in orchestrating organization growth and driving key strategic priorities. As a leader, you will not just be driving projects and delivering executional excellence, but you will be instrumental in developing your team and preparing leaders for the next phase of career growth. We have opportunities in Life Sciences and Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Telecom, Retail, Consumer, Publishing, Energy & Utility Industries among others.

Interview Process



Our career section enables you to apply for your desired job.

Submit your resume with a complete list of credentials and provide detailed information about your experience for the position applied for.



A recruiter/technical panel will screen your application. If your credentials match our requirements, we will contact you for further details.



The technical interview is an opportunity to showcase your technical skills. The questions would range across various disciplines and may include puzzles, problems, and other out-of-the-box questions.



The HR Interview is our chance to get to know each other better. We aim to understand your career goals, skills, strengths, passions etc. Candidates can, and are encouraged to, ask the recruiter anything about HCLTech as an organization.


Offer roll-out

Finally, if successful, an offer is rolled out along with the corresponding compensation structure and other information regarding employment at HCLTech.