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Ft. Giridhar K, HCL Technologies

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In this episode of Tech Café, Giridhar K, Vice President – Infrastructure Services at HCL Technologies explains the company’s infrastructure business vertical and talks about the career opportunities that will be available to prospective employees in Sri Lanka. This episode was part of the Virtual Job Fair conducted by HCL Sri Lanka.

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What is the infrastructure services business?

Giridhar: It is HCL’s largest business services unit and is responsible for generating more than $10 billion in revenue. 38% of our entire business comes from infrastructure services. We are a niche player in the global market and we want to call ourselves the fastest growing managed services provider. There’s a good chance that we can expect over 3,000 people in the infrastructure services division at HCL Sri Lanka in the next few years. We can make Sri Lanka a destination for niche skills and competencies for many of our global customers.

What services does your vertical provide to global customers?

Giridhar: We provide data centre and end-user experience services. On the end-user side, we’re talking about the workplace place services that we provide. On the data centre side, we manage legacy as well as state-of-the-art next-gen areas within the hybrid cloud.

We have been responsible for a vast number of transitions and migrations while helping customers build and commit to their IT strategy. We have introduced unique pay-to-use models and very good designs for consulting. Networking — both on the data and voice side — is dominating the transformational nature of how businesses are done in this pandemic. For example, banking via ATMs and online transactions continues to operate despite banks being closed. This digitization is happening across many other industries as well.

Over the last 5 to 6 years, cybersecurity has become a necessity for any enterprise organisation. In today’s climate of virtual connectivity and WFH, companies must ensure that their data and people are secure with no intrusions from the outside. They must also integrate data alongside infosec policies which is something we are familiar with daily.

Customer experience and data centricity are two important pillars at HCL Technologies. Across banking, high-tech manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, media, and health services, we deliver holistic services to leading enterprises, including 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000.

At HCL Sri Lanka, we want to begin the way a typical legacy small company would. We want to bring in the fundamental services first. We will have support teams for non-voice desktop, workplace asset management, operating system, database administration, security administration, and network data.

In today’s uncertain world, not even the best contract can capture what will change tomorrow. A contract can only convert to business advantage through a value-centric relationship. Driven by our Mode 1-2-3 Strategy, we help clients reimagine their business in the digital age. Moving from traditional efficiency-oriented solutions to those that are business outcome-oriented, we’re helping customers across industries navigate their way through new technologies. This strategy is backed by the ‘Relationship Beyond the Contract’ promise of 150,000+ Ideapreneurs who chase a shared goal of improving our customers’ business through everyday innovation.

What’s your message to the youth of Sri Lanka who may be looking out for a career opportunity with HCL Technologies?

Giridhar: There are a plethora of opportunities that we will be able to provide to our people. Our two predecessor CEOs came from our infrastructure services division. The current president and corporate vice president started managing a single customer, providing either database or desktop support before they climbed the corporate ladder. They all grew within the organisation. Every year, we run training programmes that help build our capacity. We mandate life-long learning at HCL since technology is very disruptive. We have created technical programmes, labs, and competency centres for our employees to satisfy their hunger for learning. We look forward to seeing many of you going through our selection process. Prepare yourselves well and remember that this is a competitive world. Once you’re in, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy yourselves. Good luck!

Glad to have you at HCL Tech Sri Lanka
Glad to have you at HCL Tech Sri Lanka