Career Path

Students who join TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program  undergo 12 months of intensive training where they are able to start their careers in Application & Software Development, Infrastructure Management Support, and more. This career path has been designed to give an early-start advantage to the students. In 5 years’ time, students will have 4 years of professional IT experience with a global organization and a degree from a prestigious institution

Career Paths

Your next 5 years with us

Classroom Training


6 to 9 months

Candidates undergo 6 to 9 months of rigorous classroom training, during which they learn the fundamentals of IT, including programing languages and relevant industry tools, processes and certifications. The amalgamation of technical training along with communication and personal grooming lessons ensures that TechBee scholars metamorphose into industry-ready working professionals.

On-the-job training


3 to 6 months

The next 3 to 6 months of the program are focused towards On-the-Job Training where candidates work on live projects at HCLTech, and become ready for their full-time roles. Scholars who successfully complete TechBee Program join HCLTech as Engineers.

Higher Education


3 to 4 years

While working as full-time employees at HCLTech Sri Lanka, candidates enroll in work-integrated higher education programs. HCLTech has collaborated with Horizon to offer industry recognized higher education programs, through e-learning curriculums.s.