Helping young students prepare for entry-level jobs

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

The 21st century has been seeing a massive surge of digital transformation, which has led to business processes becoming automated. However, there remains a gap between these digital transformations and the skills of individuals. We call this the Tech Skills Gap.

The rapid advancements in the ICT industry and ongoing digital transformation make it important for companies to find future tech talent and make them job-ready. It’s the savvy employee who understands that getting off on the right foot early in his or her career means getting to the desired level, position, and salary sooner rather than later.

We believe every student or fresher is bestowed with talent. It is important to recognise, acknowledge and hone them to ensure they reach their peak.

Keeping this in mind, we have rolled out a work-integrated early career program in Sri Lanka. TechBee, HCL’s flagship early career program ensures that candidates get the right training on the skills required for beginning a global IT career. To aid the transformation, candidates are provided with an opportunity to get 3 to 6 months of hands-on experience during their apprenticeship period as well.

Students undergoing this program will be paid a monthly allowance of LKR 13,500* (during apprenticeship) while they complete the 12-month program. After they complete the program, they will be allowed to kick-start their careers at HCL Sri Lanka with a starting annual salary of LKR 360,000*. While working candidates also receive a higher education allowance (Upto LKR 100,000* per year) for pursuing their higher studies.

As can be seen, these programs are also aimed towards ensuring candidates become financially independent, self-reliant and ready for the future. This Early Start helps placing the candidates on a high growth trajectory, thereby contributing to Sri Lanka’s growth story.

*Subject to change according to the program features at the time of applying