How HCL can help to tackle IoT security challenges.

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

IoT is the newest kid in the block and there are many organizations that are experimenting with IoT. However, as any other IoT also brings in a significant amount of different security challenges that can have major consequences. These challenges may differ from one to another and especially differs from the challenges that arise in conventional technology and as a result there is a visible change in the dimension for IT security jobs in Sri Lanka.

With IOT the scale is multiplied as we deal with real time information and its possibly multiple numbers of small devices spread across a massive area. The conventional cyber security threats are mostly data compromise however, the security challenges in IoT is far complicated and can even result in human safety. HCL is one of leading technology companies that are masters in IoT security in Sri Lanka. We offer multiple IT Jobs in Sri Lanka and we recruit only the cream from each sector therefore, our teams are experts in what they do.

Most popular IOT devices today vary from building automation systems, sensory networks to healthcare solutions, connected vehicles and industrial robotics. These deployments are all automated to be efficient and to reduce operational cost drastically while offering a seamless customer experience.

At HCL we recruit the right people to help our clients to give them the right direction of how to incorporate, deploy and manage their IoT technologies strategically. We provide the necessary trainings to ensure our teams are up-to-date and to ensure career growth for all our employees.