How HCL can improve business productivity through Oracle.

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

HCL Technologies is a pioneer in introducing Oracle to Sri Lanka and one of the secrets behind our uninterrupted service is the team of experts. We have been in the industry for over 3 decades now and we have been a strong pillar in creating opportunities for IT Jobs in Sri Lanka.

The use of innovative Oracle cloud, EBS, Siebel, among other Oracle application solutions at HCL, has changed and improved experiences and engagement of business clients, their customers, supplier and employees. This is thanks to our in-house expert teams who have been constantly working together.

Our in-house team is exposed to extensive on-the-job and classroom training to ensure they are ahead of the rest in the industry and are updated with all the new updates. This is crucial because oftentimes businesses are disrupted due to the ageing technology. On the other hand, through our recruitment process, we ensure that we recruit the cream from the industry.

We believe that many heads together bring a better outcome than one head working alone. Therefore, we believe in working together in teams and we also believe that exposure to diverse and multicultural backgrounds, helps teammates to grow out of their comfort zones. In return, this will also help employees with their career growth.