How HCL is shaping the next generation of IT leaders in Sri Lanka

How HCL is shaping the next generation of IT leaders in Sri Lanka

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

Are you a school leaver seeking employment, career growth and a way to shape up your future in the IT sector?

At HCL with our new “TECHBEE” program we offer IT jobs for school leavers in Sri Lanka. The program is designed as an early career program that is exclusively dedicated for freshers right out of school who are simply seeking for “Jobs for school leavers”. The minimum criteria for you to be a potential candidate is to have completed A/L’s and upon selection you will undergo a 12-month training program to be qualified as an entry-level tech engineer.

The beauty of the program we offer you is that if you complete the program successfully you will then be employed with HCL Sri Lanka and while being part of our team you will then be given the opportunity to pursue your higher education in B.Sc. (Hons) / BIT (University of Colombo) with Horizon Campus.

The joint program with Horizon is a gateway for candidates to shape up their future to be both professionally and educationally profound in the IT sector.

Horizon is a recognized private university in Sri Lanka that provides a good quality learning experience to students. The study programs that are offered are accredited by Sri Lankan, UK, US, and Asian universities and in total 15 accredited degree courses are offered under five faculties. As a result of our collaboration with Horizon campus together we offer the following graduate programs to TechBee scholars; B.Sc. (Hons) IT from Horizon Campus / BIT in Network & Mobile Computing from Horizon Campus / Bachelor of IT from University of Moratuwa /Bachelor of IT from University of Colombo.

If you are seeking Office jobs for school leavers in the IT sector, we encourage you to sign up with us as the program offers you an amazing experience. During the program you will receive job specific programs along with an apprenticeship, a monthly allowance during the apprenticeship, a job assurance with a starting salary equivalent to an entry level job and finally a B.Sc. (Hons)/BIT degree from Horizon while receiving education funding for your degree program while being employed with HCL.

This is your chance as a fresher to shape up your career as a next generation of IT leaders in Sri Lanka. Think about it all you need is to have a confirmation in completion of Advanced Level Examinations with a minimum “S” grade in 3 core subjects and English (candidates who are eligible are those who have completed their A/L’s in 2010 or after).

We encourage you to take a chance with us to shape up your future to become a Next generation IT Leader in the country.

Introducing the Circle of Influence

Over the years, the initiative evolved. While the Mentorship Program was the central focus, the initiative expanded to become a sustainable platform that brought both ends of the spectrum – industry experts and aspiring women leaders – together to create a powerful network.

Known as the Circle of Influence, this is a network female executives could rely on and turn to for guidance and mentorship. It has enabled a perpetual circle of learning and offered the scope and room to undertake additional activities, associations, and practices throughout the year, even after the initiative formally concluded. This brought together mentees and mentors of all the chapters across the globe to facilitate the exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences.

The journey continues

Over the years, the initiative has helped several women leaders get the guidance and mentorship they needed to rise to the top of corporate leadership. However, while a lot has been achieved to date, there is still a long way to go. 

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