IT consultants assist organizations in designing, planning, implementing and maintaining information systems and infrastructure. Many IT consultants have an overall knowledge of the Information Technology sector, while some specialize in various tools, systems and industries. Nevertheless, almost all IT consultants enjoy a decent remuneration package and have a great balance between work and lifestyle. Consequently, there is a high demand for IT consultant jobs in Sri Lanka and other regions internationally.

Given the high demand for IT consultant jobs in Sri Lanka, most organizations prefer and strive to recruit the most capable talent in the industry. Hence, it is vital for those looking for IT job vacancies in Sri Lanka to prepare assiduously and commit themselves to the endeavour, following the required academic and professional qualifications.

However, applicants must understand how organizations determine the talented and the most capable during the hiring process to successfully prepare for IT consultant jobs in Sri Lanka. As a preliminary qualification, many organizations require a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer programming or Software development. However, if the candidate has sufficient work experience to prove their understanding of the industry, they may get an exemption from this requirement. Also, to qualify for IT consultant jobs in Sri Lanka or internationally, candidates must have at least a few years of relevant industry experience in addition to educational qualifications. However, the number of years required may vary based on the size and nature of the organization.

Regardless, those just starting their career in IT must not be disheartened by these requirements and keep in mind that the junior-level position they may be in today may be the ticket to their future as an IT consultant. Junior roles such as IT Support Specialist, Software Engineering intern and Technical Support Specialist are ideal to begin one’s path to becoming a consultant.

To summarize, while there are many IT consultant jobs in Sri Lanka, the criteria to secure an opportunity are somewhat challenging. Hence, candidates must work with determination and perseverance to acquire the necessary academic and professional qualifications from the start of their careers. Those who are not afraid of hard work and have the passion to learn will certainly succeed.

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By HCL Tech Sri Lanka