By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

The period after your Advance Levels or more commonly known as A/Levels is both a period of relaxation and growth. With the current competitive job market and requirement for qualifications, it is increasingly difficult to choose what you want to peruse in life. But there are those rare situations when everyone is a winner!

HCL has identified the current lag in the Information Technology (IT) industry to produce qualified individuals to cater to the market demand. Therefore, HCL has introduced its famous TechBee Program to Sri Lanka which offers you the lifetime opportunity to pursue your dream tech-career with their own job placements, providing you with that much needed head-start in life.

How can Techbee help you?

HCL’s TechBee – Early Career Program is an exclusive job program for individuals looking for full-time jobs after completing A/Ls. Candidates undergo 12-month training for entry-level Tech Engineer jobs and commence your career as a Software Engineer, Analyst, Design Engineer or Infrastructure Manager.. On successful completion of training, candidates are employed in jobs with HCL Sri Lanka. While working, candidates pursue their B.Sc(Hons) / BIT (University of Colombo) with Horizon Campus.

Yes, we offer you a qualification and a job…

Students can choose a career from UI / Visual Designer to Developer options in a wide array of industries ranging from Banking to Engineering, after successfully completing TechBee’s Training Program and HCL Early Career Program. Further, it will also offer you a monthly allowance during the training period combined with an assured job with a starting salary equal to an entry level IT job. 

This will provide a young individual a clear path to explore the world of technology development. In addition, educational funding to pursue a B.Sc. (Hons)/BIT degree from Horizon Campus, Sri Lanka while employed at HCL indicates how the organization invests in its team to alleviate the knowledge and the standards of both the individual and the organization.

What you need to have to enroll?

  • Completion of Advanced Level Examinations (A/Ls) in 2015 or later with a minimum “S” grade in 3 core subjects.
  • A minimum of “S” grade in General English.
  • Citizen of Sri Lanka with proof of a valid address.
  • A/L Stream should be in either Commerce, Science or the Technology stream.

How can Techbee help you?

Selection into the hiring and training program is on a merit-basis, with a mandatory online examination and rounds of interviews to identify the best fit for the organization. Successful candidates will get a chance to work with the best and brightest with many rewarding opportunities within the organization.

Make your first-step into the fastest growing industry sector in Sri Lanka.

Sign Up for the TechBee Program today to become a valued tech-professional!