Kickstart your career development with TechBee

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

Students need to keep pace with the new demands of the labour market that are continually challenged by technological disruption and the evolving nature of work.

To empower students to be future-ready, we recently launched an early career and work-integrated programme in Sri Lanka. The programme, which is open to A-level alumni, is designed to prepare students technically and professionally for entry-level IT positions at HCL Sri Lanka.

Candidates undergo 12 months of classroom training and on-the-job training, making them self-reliant at the end of the programme. Enrolled students will also be paid a monthly stipend of LKR 13,500. Upon completion of the programme, candidates will be allowed to kick-start their careers with a starting annual salary of LKR 400,000.

Students that complete the programme will also be given a yearly education allowance of LKR 100,000 to earn technology-related IT undergraduate degrees offered by Horizon Campus (Horizon).

Horizon is a leading private university in Sri Lanka geared to provide an inspiring learning experience to students in a holistic university atmosphere. Annually, more than 1,200 students enrol in study programmes for Sri Lankan, UK, US, and Asian degrees. Moreover, 15 accredited degree courses are offered under five faculties.

Key Highlights

  • Eligible students who wish to enroll in the program must take an online Career Aptitude Test (HCL CAT). HCL CAT is an online assessment test designed to check your aptitude in areas of Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics), Logical Reasoning and English language
  • Students who get selected for TechBee get a stipend during their internship on live HCL projects
  • Candidates who complete the TechBee training program become full-time HCL employees and enjoy the same career progression and benefits covering higher education, healthcare, as well as a range of employee welfare programs
  • After becoming a full-time employee at HCL, candidates can continue their education at Horizon Campus
  • Students can apply for TechBee program by visiting
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