Making sure your skills stay relevant

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organisations, businesses, and individuals to reposition technology as a critical component for each sphere of specialization and learn the relevant digital skills to become creators and users of these tools.

Our Vice President for HR, Sundar Rajan believes that people can future-proof their careers and remain relevant. It will require a focus on learning, unlearning and relearning so that we remain up-to-date by continuously upgrading our skills.

Here are some tips from Rajan to learn new skills to stay relevant:

  • Hone existing skills: Get more adept at what you already know. Yes, there’s nothing better than doing a great job and doing it well always. Every person/employee has core strengths, which he/she should use to the maximum, lest complacency sets in and adversely affect performance.
  • Build on your skill sets: Staying in the same spot will not help accomplish anything. Instead, expanding skill sets and competencies at a domain level, and at an industry-level, will help push boundaries. Get beyond what you are already doing well. Learn and acquire new/adjacent skills. Grab every opportunity to equip yourself with relevant certifications that add value to your career profile. Companies offer many opportunities for employees to train and upskill themselves. To stay ahead of the curve, employees can also privately invest in relevant online courses and obtain certifications in emerging technologies that will add value to their careers. It’s always good to have a blend of certifications which employees acquire through their employers and their own initiative.
  • Future-proof by adapting to new technologies: Learning to use a new technology (or anything new, for that matter) can be intimidating. The best way is to make a start and begin using new technologies. With practice, one gets more adept at using a new technology and adapts to it better – for work and beyond. Be open to learning new things, in new ways. We tend to stick with what we know which inadvertently blocks out new learning experiences. It’s a unique experience when we keep our minds open to learning even if it means learning something from a younger colleague.

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