An Opportunity to address the
Digital Skills Gap

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

Cloud technology has become the bedrock on which this transformation is being enabled. It allows organizations to build a centralized and remotely accessible hub of knowledge, data, and tools that employees can access anytime from anywhere.

But are enterprises ready for cloud adoption at this scale and pace? Just as COVID-19 revealed infrastructural gaps, it has also thrown light on the massive skill gap among IT teams, which could keep companies back from utilizing cloud-based platforms and processes to their full potential.

To grow the enterprise during COVID-19, CIOs must urgently prioritize cloud-focused upskilling and cross-skilling according to our VP & Head for Hybrid Cloud Services, Piyush Saxena.

“To harness this opportunity, CIOs must consider the long-term viability of projects and skill sets to be recommended, as well as the digital roadmaps of their organizations, much of which may be subject to the dynamics of our inconstant world.”
Piyush Saxena
VP & Head for Hybrid Cloud Services
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