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Exam season is approaching fast! The previous year was challenging on many levels, disrupting typical student routines, classroom learning, and test preparations. Now it’s time for the BIG MOMENT — Exams!!!

We recommend replacing stressful pre-exam triggers with positive practices for exam success:

  1. Replace fear with awareness
  2. Replace anxiety with positivity
  3. Replace stress with discipline

Replace fear with awareness

The first step toward any life advancement is becoming aware of what is happening around you. Remember that every action has a corresponding and opposing reaction. This is one of the basic principles that govern the planet. For example, if you have a Mathematics exam starting soon and you have been paying attention in class, having completed all assignments on time, and spending around 30 minutes every day practicing your numbers, the road to your goal of doing well on the exam will be easier since you’ve already taken the necessary steps to ensure a positive outcome. You must work harder to close the gap if you have been sidetracked in class, missing assignments, and avoiding focused practice.

In this context, awareness is examining your study routine objectively and creating a strategy for improving yourself and achieving your goal more quickly. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, chat to friends, professors, or mentors about how to arrange your study schedule based on your current situation.

Asking for advice and assistance is not a show of weakness but rather a power. This awareness will help you enroll in courses such as engineering, engineering alternatives, employment training programs, etc. Be aware of your exam and post-exam objectives and where you are on your path to achieving them. This awareness can be helpful if you are following or planning to follow trainee IT jobs in Sri Lanka.

Replace anxiety with positivity

Avoid any anxious triggers in the days running up to your tests. For example, if you spend a month reducing the amount of time you finish reading COVID-19-related news and playing video games, the world will not end. Contemplating continuous news feeds may cause unnecessary anxiety, which will not help you study for your examinations. Additionally, the video games you’re playing activate your neurons, leaving you too exhausted to concentrate when it’s time to learn.

Instead, write a list of essential activities to help your mind focus when you need to study and increase positivity in your everyday routine. Examples of this are exercising, spending time in nature, any meditation activity, deep breathing, yoga, chanting, or engaging in any creative hobby.

Avoid talking to people that sap your positive energy, and surround yourself with positive people who believe in your achievement. Get a study partner – someone with similar academic aspirations to you – and share your project and plans. Aim high with driven people who want to be affiliated with prestigious universities.

This positive energy can help you with your studies even if you are busily employed at one of the trainee IT jobs in Sri Lanka. Most IT internships in Sri Lanka offer industry experience while allowing you to work with like-minded colleagues. This fellowship can create the ideal environment for students.


Replace stress with discipline

Adults are not the only ones who experience stress. It can also affect children and adolescents! Did you know that long-term stress can cause inflammation, depression, and disease? Every sluggish action and negative thought has a subtle effect on our body and mind, limiting our eventual success. While anyone cannot wholly avoid stress, a disciplined routine can help combat stress while improving well-being and productivity.


According to research, it takes between 21 and 48 days for the human mind to adjust to a new routine. Consider the simple act of brushing your teeth. You’ve been doing it since you were a child, as soon as you wake up in the morning, and it’s become a natural part of your life. No one will ever say that brushing their teeth is a stressful experience. They simply do it. Similarly, if you repeat routines throughout your day, they will become natural extensions of your life.

What routines can you incorporate into your life? Maintain the habit of allocating specific time slots of 25 minutes per day for practicing mathematics, reading motivational texts, or practicing music. Consider committing to waking up at 5.00 a.m. every day for 21 days to study.

While the period leading up to exams is typically associated with fear, anxiety, stress, and tension, a powerful combination of a shift in our attitude and simple lifestyle routines can help us associate this period with awareness, positivity, and discipline. Whatever your plans are after high school, whether it’s college or an early career program like HCL TechBee, these positive habits will help you stay focused and productive. HCL IT internships in Sri Lanka offer valuable industry experience while helping you overcome your challenges.

We wish you the best of luck with your exam preparation and performance!


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