The future of the ‘Ideapreneurship' concept.

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

At HCL we embrace innovation and today it has become an integral part of us and today going beyond the typical innovation culture we have incorporated “ideapreneurship”; a concept that promotes self-sustenance, self-inspiration and innovation.

The beauty of this concept is it’s unique innovation culture in which every employee gets the opportunity to ideate and as a result of these ideas it helps us as an organization to set a new business paradigm.

Having the opprtunity to be a part of an organization that encourages ideation is a big breakthrough to develop your career. Today there are many IT Vacancies in Sri Lanka and HCL has been creating many opportunities to the locals by creating many IT Jobs in Sri Lanka.

Allowing our employess to be ideapreneur’s by creating the environment for them to come up with original, novel ideas that disrupt the status-quo has opened many new avenues for the organizations. As result of stongly promoting this culture we believe that it will drive our organization to be more socially responsible, focus on large-scale high-impact transformational initiatives and that will definitely create growth for employees.

If you are a curious, challenge seeking individual pushing boudaries by thinking out of the box we invite you to be a part of this big family. we innovated ‘ideapreneurship’ so why not join us the ‘orginals’ to experience this new concept and organization culture. We ensure career growth and development of all our teammates.