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From building more robust businesses to enabling new, hybrid workers, all organizations are having to face-up to change. Most organizations recognize that they need to evolve, to meet the changing demands of a workforce that is no longer prepared to return to pre-pandemic working patterns and environments. It’s a case of change or be changed.

While most organizations recognize that from now on, their workforces will be a mix of remote and in-house workers, they are also aware of what this means in terms of technology and investment.

To facilitate a hybrid working environment, all organizations will need to adapt, increase their cloud infrastructures and applications but also pay close attention to employee wellbeing.

To enable workers to return to office environments, organizations are, overall, aware that they need to make physical changes – reduce desk numbers, provide PPE and so on – but few are geared-up to track and trace using apps, or even schedule office time. While there is still a lot of work to be done here, the challenge facing organizations is multifaceted. So, coordination across business functions is key to success.

It’s no secret that a happy workforce is a productive workforce but that is easier said than done. Organizations need to build trust with their employees, to demonstrate safety and care and deliver an environment that is flexible and in no way a trade-off.

Enabling the workforce and ensuring safety regardless of location should be the aim.
Technology is pivotal to making these changes possible. The key is to have a strategy that fits the overall goal of the organization and is not a piecemeal approach to technology, to patch cracks in strategy, which can only lead to complexity and a considerable strain on IT support.

HCL has been at the forefront of implementing cloud and virtualization technologies, assisting enterprises to drive business growth and enable superior digital experience. Our vision of the enterprise for the digital age is that of a modern IT data center equipped with service-oriented and secured data center infrastructure services.

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