The IT industry, at present, is enjoying a surge in demand from potential candidates. With many new talents entering the industry with the hope of being employed in a sector where there is a promise of a booming future, the industry is becoming gradually competitive to secure a decent opportunity. For example, even IT internships in Sri Lanka, among other junior positions, are in demand, and young professionals are competing to earn their rightful seat or the foot in the door as proactively as the industry would allow them.

With such a surge in competition, many candidates may wonder if their existing qualifications and experiences are good enough to land that position, whether it is an internship or another one of the endless IT job opportunities in Sri Lanka. Their dilemma is intriguing and extremely valid, as the existing qualifications of the current generation seem to vary a lot from one another. Where some candidates are degree holders with no industry experience, others are without certificates and hold a few years of work experience.

So, is there a bias regarding entry-level qualifications in the IT field, and which is better – holding a certificate with no experience or holding no certificates with a few years of industry experience?

With the power to access almost any website from anywhere, young people have an advantage when procuring the skills they must acquire when applying for IT job opportunities in Sri Lanka. With education platforms where courses and certifications can be accessed for half the cost and other platforms where one can find casual work, working for global clients, young applicants have gained the chance to make themselves significantly more prepared to find a job at an esteemed organisation.

So, limiting yourself to one area and choosing to follow through the academic path without attempting to gain work experience before you start applying for corporate IT job opportunities is not the most beneficial for any young candidate. Hence, it is advisable to acquire a strong skillset through academic certifications and professional experience since the absence of either could be a deterrent to whichever career goals one may have.

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka