TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program

TechBee – HCL’s Early Career Program is an exclusive job program for individuals looking for full-time jobs after completing A/Ls. Candidates undergo 12-month training for entry-level Tech Engineer jobs. On successful completion of training, candidates are employed in jobs with HCLTech Sri Lanka. While working, candidates pursue their B.Sc(Hons) / BIT (University of Colombo) with Horizon Campus.

Eligibility criteria

  • Completion of Advanced Level Examinations (A/Ls) in 2016 or later with a minimum "S" grade in 3 core subjects
  • A minimum of “S” grade in General English.
  • Citizen of Sri Lanka with proof of a valid address.
  • A/L Stream should be in either commerce, science, technology stream.

Program Features

  • Job specific training followed by apprenticeship
  • Monthly allowance during the apprenticeship
  • Assured job with a starting salary equal to an entry level IT job
  • A B.Sc. (Hons)/BIT degree from Horizon while receiving education funding for your degree course fee when working for HCLTech

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Career Roles

IT Services

Start your career as a
Software Engineer, Analyst, Design Engineer or Infrastructure Manager

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Selection Process

Selection into the hiring and training program is on a merit-basis. You will perform a mandatory online examination, and upon successfully passing, would be eligible for the first round of interviews.

We use an exclusive selection process to hire the best and brightest fresh graduates. Each candidate interested in the company will be selected on the grounds of academic track record, passing year, online test scores and other parameters. The needs of the company remain dynamic and flexible, and candidates will be selected as such. Any individuals who meet the required criteria will be contacted personally for the latter rounds of the application process.

Leadership Speak

Srimathi Shivashankar
Corporate Vice President , HCL Technologies

The TechBee Program offers IT jobs to A/Ls students. The program prepares candidates for entry level IT jobs with HCLTech. While working at HCLTech, TechBee candidates can pursue higher education. In a country where the perception is that you need a graduate degree for a job, TechBee helps students break away from the rut and start their careers early, in a professional environment, working on clients from Fortune 500. The program sets the foundation for young IT aspirants and gives them a platform to learn and become valued professionals, right after school.

Apparao V V
CHRO, HCL Technologies

In today’s world, technology is a major disrupter. The constantly evolving sphere of IT requires a talent pool that can adapt and be skilled for in-demand roles and learn along the way. We embed this culture of innovation and ideapreneurship in our TechBee scholars through various means. We allow them to be CEOs of their ideas. We have multiple cohorts who join us, and are prepared for entry level positions, working on HCL’s global projects. We have partnered with premiere universities to ensure TechBees' continue their higher education through work integrated learning programs.

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