hcl scienIT
hcl scienIT

By HCL Tech Sri Lanka

The business world is changing because of technological advancements. More importantly, it’s making a difference in people’s lives. Business leaders are well aware that technological disruptions will occur in the next few years. However, keeping up with emerging technologies, let alone comprehending their intricacies and anticipating adjustments, is a daunting undertaking.

At HCL Sri Lanka, we believe that we can combine urbanization and digitization using the latest digital technologies, including wearables, artificial intelligence, analytics, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and the internet of things to enhance living conditions for people in need.

Navigating these technological shifts will certainly challenge us for years to come. But by keeping an open mind to the possibilities, we can chart a path that predicts dangers and capitalize on these emerging technologies.

Today’s generation of students can apply their creativity and ingenuity to resolve issues that matter to their communities and to envision sustainable steps for a better tomorrow. We strongly believe that digital experiences have the power to make cities more livable, but these experiences can only be successful if they are truly human.

Ready to improve the world through the work you do each day? Our ScienIT innovation competition can support more inclusive populations and promote sustainable urban practices. The program offers students annual innovation competitions and monthly discussion forums led by teachers, subject matter experts and sustainability enthusiasts to develop the technology industry in the country.

We encourage students from private and government universities to participate. We will be offering up to LKR 1 million in funding.

Learn more about the competition at hclsrilanka.com/scienit